Bronze Sculpture by Austin Barton

"Baby Steps" Bronze Sculpture by Austin Barton

Austin Barton was raised in the Snake River and Wallowa Valleys of Northeastern Oregon. Breaking horses and working on farms and ranches, he acquired an intimate knowledge of the western way of life. He earned a living in those days, but even as a young boy, Austin’s dream was to become an artist.

Austin's love of the west is reflected in his work and by nature he is drawn to sculpt images of the American Cowboy and their Horses. Indian, Wildlife and other works such as “Tuesday’s Child” also show just what a great sculptor he is on any level.

Austin BartonWith Austin Barton's exceptional talent and attention to detail , he quickly made a place for himself in the international bronze market. His impressive sculptures can be found in many private and corporate collections. Austin is busy at work on the fabulous new Pendleton Round Up monument which will be unveiled in Pendleton, OR in 2010 for their 100 year anniversary.


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Austin Barton Bronze Sculpture "Crescendo"

Austin Barton's latest Masterpiece: "Crescendo" may just be his new 'most popular.'

"Running Free"

*This edition is sold out- I sometimes can locate one on the secondary market, so please call.

 Bronze Sculpture by Austin Barton

"Baby Steps" The love between a mare and her foal is captured in a moment all horse lovers appreciate. All journeys great and small begin with the first “Baby Steps”. Now available in life-size and new 24" size.

New! 24" version– Casting has begun! Currently available at the introductory offer of $5500, this will be limited so call us now and don’t miss out on this classic bronze.

 Bronze Sculpture by Austin Barton

"Attitude Adjustment" Definitely Austin Barton's signature piece. When working with horses, especially in the days of ole’, there were always surprises, both for the horse and rider. In his famed bronze “Attitude Adjustment”, a viewer must decide who is adjusting who”.

*This edition is sold out- I sometimes can locate one on the secondary market, so please call.

"Attitude Adjustment" by Austin Barton

"Range Boss" A young, confident, adult stallion of the range. Posturing, displaying his strength, power, and playfulness while herding his mares. Available in this 21” H edition and life size.

Range Boss by Austin Barton

"Buffalo – The Challenge" A full grown, adult bull makes himself known to a competitor, he dips and turns his massive head, tongue out to the side as is characteristic when one challenges another. The perfect compliment to your office or home.

Boffalo by Austin Barton

"Tuesday's Child" As in the poem “Tuesday’s child is full of grace”.

Tuesday's Child Bronze Sculpture by Austin Barton

"Another Day, Another Buck" Once upon a time a cowboy didn't always have the hours to gentle a horse slowly, much of their saddle time was spent “at the buck”. On a good day they rode their horse out of the round pen, or at least walked out upright, on their own two feet. It was a rough go, but for many, even still today, the stuff dreams were made of, horses, dust, sweat, bruises, it was all good.

Another Day, Another Buck

"All Around Cowboy" Enjoying a few moments with his faithful companion, this cowboy has a few chores behind him and several still ahead of him. Always something needin’ to be done on the ranch. But he loves his work, every minute of it. He’s an “All Around Cowboy”. Available life size and maquette.

All Around Cowboy by Austin Barton

"The Sentinel" This American Indian, strong, bold and quiet, keeps watch over his people. Keenly aware of everything around him, he sits silently, protectively.

The Sentinel by Austin Barton

"If You've Got An Itch" A young colt misses not a bit of good, green grass while taking care of an itch with a long gangly leg.

If You've Got An Itch

"At Ease" A picture is worth a thousand words. This confident, relaxed youngster is definitely “At Ease”

At Ease

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After a tour in the Navy during WWII and later completing commercial art school, Austin spent 20 years as a fashion and merchandise illustrator at a well-known outlet, working his way up to the head of the art department.

In 1984, he gave up advertising art, trying his hand at painting, before deciding sculpture was where his talent lay. He cast his first piece in 1985, at the age of 56. In a matter of a few years, Barton’s work was in high demand; one of his editions sold out in less than a year.

Austin Barton’s love of nature and his natural gift for form and feeling have made his Western, Indian and Wildlife Sculptures, in the opinion of some, “rivals of the old masters”..


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