Bronze Sculpture by Dick Cross

'Iron Horse' by Dick Cross

Dick Cross of Cross Country Bronze enjoys sculpting Harley Davidson Motorcycles and animals in a humorous light. The hand painted Harley Series is available in black, red, and aqua blue. Dick is a man of few words, but a true free spirit. He lives and works in here in Joseph.

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"Road Hard, Run Dry"
The bike is a 1940's Harley 45. Dedicated to Dicks father, it is a replica of his bike and riding gear. This is the lifestyle that some chose after returning from WWII. Dick's father was one of them.

"Road Hard, Run Dry"

"Iron Horse"
This is another scene from the '50's.
It shows a old Cowboy meeting the Cowboy of the "new age"

"Iron Horse"
"Ole' Dawg" "Ole' Dog"
"Ole' Grizz" "Bear"



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