Bronze Sculpture by Dale Dotson

Bronze Sculpture by Dale Dotson: "Haven Bound"

Dale Dotson's interest in art began at an early age. Dale began drawing wildlife at the age of five and Mom's refrigerator became a showcase for many masterpieces. Dale dabbled in watercolours and oils, but his chosen medium was usually pencil or pen and ink.

Whilst attending Jospeh High School in Northeast Oregon, Dale took several mixed media art classes. He continued to take drawing classes as electives whilst attending Oregon State University, where he graduated with a degree in Wildlife Science in 1974.

Dale’s first bronze was cast in the fall of 1992. His intent is to create action as well as anatomical accuracy in his work. Whilst his first love is North American big game animals, his current interest is in African wildlife. He works primarily from life drawings, video tapes and whenever possible mounted specimens. His immediate goal is to visit Africa as soon as possible and do a great deal of first person research.

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"Haven Bound" A magnificent bull elk gives it everything he’s got, he’s on the run, he’s “Haven Bound”

"Haven Bound"

"Grey Ghost of the Prairies- Pronghorn" Alert and ready an impressive pronghorn buck takes time out to gaze over the landscape.

"Grey Ghost of the Prairies- Pronghorn"-  Bronze Sculpture by Dale Dotson

“Turn Er" It’s been a long chase this way and that as he turns her once again heading her off, perhaps to no avail, but he’s still in hot pursuit.

"Turn Er" by Dale Dotson

"Bongo" A stunning portrayal of the African Bongo, Dale Dotson has created here a most powerful, graceful feeling in bronze. What a marvelous addition to your African sculpture collection. Actually his Bongo, Greater Kudu and African Sable (Definace) make a “head turning” trio!

Bongo Bronze Sculpture by Dale Dotson


"Kudu" Bronze Sculpture by Dale Dotson


"Defiance" Bronze Sculpture by Dale Dotson

By Way Of Nature – a monarch in his day, this buck probably lived through quite a few seasons. Who knows how he finally succumbed, old age, a predator, perhaps a hard winter, somehow or another it was simply nature’s way


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