Bronze Sculpture by Doug Eck

Doug Eck Bronze Sculpture

Doug is considered by many wildlife art enthusiasts as one of the best sculptors, capturing the attention of collectors nationwide. His absolute love of wildlife, his powerful compositions and his eye for detail separate this artist from others. Nothing is left undone, yet he always creates a surprise in his work- he tells a story. He continually improves and expands his subject matter, making his sculpture something you'll definitely want to keep an eye on.

Doug EckIn his first four years, Eck has already won a national title, made the Wild Wings Original artist list, and has been commissioned to create monumental public work. Doug loves to sculpt and prefers to keep his editions low, which makes his work even more attractive to the collector. more...

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"Odd or Even" Feeling lucky? Doug Eck does it again as only he can, extending the hunter’s dream to the outer limits with this fabulous mule deer sculpture. There are only a total of 21 in the edition, hurry because it just came out in Wildlife Art magazine!

*This edition is sold out- I sometimes can locate one on the secondary market, so please call.

"Odd or Even" Bronze Sculpture by Doug Eck

"Golden Years" Words cannot express the admiration felt between the hunter and his long time, loyal companion, a lovely golden retriever. The inspiration for this bronze was Doug’s father and his dog, it was in his dad’s honor that this sculpture was created.

:Golden Years" Bronze Sculpture by Doug Eck

"Red-Wing Blackbird" Hey…….wasn’t that a song? What a gorgeous representation of one of nature’s most attractive birds, set on a turn table so you can turn it 360 degrees and enjoy from every angle. This one is absolutely lovely.

"Red-Wing Blackbird"" Bronze Sculpture by Doug Eck

"Blackjack" A satin, sleek black marlin has just speared a snack, a tasty skipjack fish. Suspending the marlin, the artist has sculpted twenty one (another type of blackjack) skipjacks from the base of the tail to what looks like a portion of the ocean floor. “Blackjack” is a brand new edition, released just this year, there will only be a total of twelve in the edition..

Black Marlin by Doug Eck


*This edition is sold out- I sometimes can locate one on the secondary market, so please call.

"Bushwacked" Bronze Elk Sculpture by Doug Eck

"Tuskers" A phenomenal, new release by Doug Eck. This bull elephant eyes a warthog in the mud and considers what to do about it. “Tuskers” is another great collector’s edition, again, only twelve will be released in this edition.

"Tuskers"  Bronze Sculpture by Doug Eck

"South of the Border" An impressive mule deer buck on the move clears an ole’, broken down fence.

"South of the Border" Bronze Sculpture by Doug Eck

"Patience" The ever patient, graceful, great blue heron quietly waits, possibly stalking it’s next meal.

"Patience" Bronze Sculpture by Doug Eck

"Summer Time Blues" A muley in the velvet, it’s the summer season, he knows the time has not yet come to begin searching for his does, is he a bit blue? The magpie hops a ride and together they are “Summer Time Blues”. This sculpture makes a marvelous desk top art piece for the mule deer admirer. Only twenty one in the edition.

"Summer Time Blues"  Bronze Sculpture by Doug Eck

"Ticked Off" Beware he’s caught scent on the wind and he’s a little testy. A moment ago the biggest worry on this Cape Buffalo’s mind was the pecking order on his back while the birds removed the annoying ticks but now he senses confrontation, maybe danger on the wind and he’s definitely “Ticked Off”.

"King Of The Ball" A king salmon makes it’s way upward, moving toward the surface, to enjoy the “ball” of food waiting.

"King Of The Ball"  Bronze Sculpture by Doug Eck

"Autumn Romance" It is autumn, the time of romance for so many creatures of nature. This sculpture depicts a bull and cow elk, necks gracefully intertwined, it creates an almost, circular motion. Finished in a beautifully, traditional, warm patina with the ivory on the bulls horns being brought out to a high-polish bronze.

"Autumn Romance"  Bronze Sculpture by Doug Eck

"Sanctuary" The colorful, bold, more risk taking rooster flies just above the safety of the brush while the hen takes refuge in the “Sanctuary” of the ground cover, where she waits, perfectly still.

"Sanctuary"  Bronze Sculpture by Doug Eck

"Range Boss"

"Range Boss"  Bronze Sculpture by Doug Eck

"Calling Card" A whitetail buck makes himself known by rubbing a small tree with his horns.

"Calling Card"  Bronze Sculpture by Doug Eck

"California Dreamin" Basking in the warmth of the sun this California stone sheep enjoys a peaceful moment.

"California Dreamin"  Bronze Sculpture by Doug Eck

"Trouble" A black lab pup has gotten into the ducks….oops! Looks like “Trouble”

"Trouble"  Bronze Sculpture by Doug Eck

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Chosen for inclusion in the Wild Wings Originals catalogue in 1999 and 2001.

Won the distinguished title of “Artist of the Year” from the Foundation of North American Wild Sheep at their national convention in Reno, Nevada in February of 1999.

In 2001 won Peoples Choice “Best Show.” In 1998 he was commissioned by FNAWS to create a bronze trophy for their successful endowment program, raising 10.3 million in three years.

Wallowa Valley Arts Festival 2001, Doug competed against artists in three foundries, winning a blue ribbon and best category.

A few of the distinguished individuals who own Doug’s art are: Former President George Bush, General Joe Engle, Governor Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania, Pro Football of Fame inductee Larry Csonka, RMEF Board Member Brian Valentine, RMEF Board Member Ken Davis and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation president emeritus Bob Munson.

Doug makes his home in Hobart, WA with his wife Kay, son Daniel and daughter Mary. Kay has roots in Wallowa County; her grandmother is “Grandmother McFetridge.” Kay works for Microsoft and was one of the first employees Bill Gates hired.


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