Bronze Sculpture by Wayne Hyde

Bronze Sculpture by Wayne Hyde: "Wally"

Wayne Hyde has been drawing, painting, sculpting and creating from early childhood. He grew up an outdoorsman in Pennsylvania's Allegheny Mountains and has explored the deserts, mountains and forests of the United States and Canada. Not surprisingly, wildlife became the first subject of his artistic expressions.

More recently, Wayne has indulged his interests in American history by creating sculptures of Native Americans and early American frontiersmen. His ability to express historical and natural dramas through sculpture led to a commission of a Civil War monument for Clinton, MO entitled, “They Stood Tall.” It is a stirring and moving tribute to the sacrifices of Americans on both sides of the war, who stood for their individual beliefs and rights. more...

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"Tree Frogs "

Tree Frogs Bronze Sculptures

Wayne’s imagination is now taking him in a new whimsical direction. Tree frogs have become a subject of fascination and interest. They are terrific acrobats, playful and vividly coloured with jewel-like eyes that are enchanting for people of all ages.

Wayne’s frog sculptures have captured these same qualities. They are available in a variety of brilliant colours that include blue, green, purple and orange. Each is signed by the artist and individually numbered.


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