Bronze Sculpture by Danaë Bennett-Miller

Bronze Sculpture by Danaë Bennett Miller

UUsing the medium of lost wax casting, Danaë conjures life and motion out of once fluid flows. Like watching lava give birth to land, her pieces create their own virtual space, and ask us to ponder our world through a different pair of eyes. Some public in scale, some intimate, form and substance give way to emotion, movement and animal conciousness. Witness one of her works in person and experience a link to the world beyond normal human experience. more...

Danaë Bennett MillerWe are thrilled for the opportunity to represent the very exciting, creative and unusual work of Danaë Bennett-Miller. It is an honor and a superb addition to Kelly’s Gallery!


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"Canyon Horse" Perhaps a mustang or a step pony of the past, the horse carefully picks it’s way over and down the stone, barefooted, free and always with an ear cocked, keenly aware of everything around him.

"Canyon Horse" Bronze Sculpture by Danaë Bennett-Miller

"Bison" Bold, primitive, firmly standing it’s ground. Like Danae’s “Canyon Horse” her Buffalo takes us back in time.

"Bison" Bronze Sculpture by Danaë Bennett-Miller

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Two full-size monuments were purchased by the City of Bend, Oregon. The "Canyon Horse" monument is located in downtown in the "Bueno, Homage to the Buckaroo" circle. In the old Historic area of downtown, "Cranes- Dancing for Flossie " is standing in a public area.

Featured on Oregon Art Beat: Danae, her family, and her artwork have been featured in a local episode of Oregon Art Beat, produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting. This episode aired January 5, 2006.


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