Bronze Sculpture by Leo E. Osborne

"Quiet Fox" Bronze Sculpture by Leo Osborne

Leo Osborne can claim many honors for his art, among them numerous Awards Of Excellence from the Society Of Animal Artists and the National Sculpture Society.

Leo has the rare ability to transform quiet moments in a wild world (nature) to a wonderfully unique, portrait in bronze. He’s known nationally for his marvelous, original, wood sculpture burls as well as his everlasting editions in bronze.

Leo OsborneBorn in 1947, Leo recalls his preschool years living in Marshfield, Massachusetts at his grandmother’s farm. During high school years, he won a scholarship from the Art Instruction School of Minneapolis and entered a home schooling course. This was furthered when he was trained at the New England School of Art in Boston.

His emerging birds of the skies, wolves, lions and the like tell stories of the connection between these creatures of nature and their importance to humans. Some are a swirling mass of forms that eventually unite while others reflect a quiet morning, calm and cool on the Serengeti. “Life, form, mass, emerging from nothingness to oneness,” Leo Osborne, sculptor. more...

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"Loving Embrace" Mother and child, so special, so lovely. For now, it’s as though they are one

"Loving Embrace"

"Coming Home" Turning, turning, this marvelous, graceful, soaring creature moves from darkness into light, in and out of clouds and shadows, it is a time of “Coming Home"

"Coming Home"

"Quiet Fox" Curled up tightly around itself, the fox keeps warm and secure.

"Quiet Fox"

"The Messenger" The noble falcon emanates royalty with majestic plumage of purple, red and gold.

"The Messenger"

"Buddhaful Frog"

"Buddhaful Frog"

"Sunrise"A Lion awakens to the dawn, power, grace and elegance are his.


"Literary Lion"

"Literary Lion"

“The Visionary” She searches the cosmos for a sign, cloaked in radiance upon the noble horse. The ageless mystic rides across the galaxies of time.

“The Visionary”

“Little Griz” What a great day Little Griz is having soaking up the glorious sun, perched on a warm boulder.

“Little Griz”

“Raven’s Cache” What treasures has Raven hidden today?

“Raven’s Cache”

“Swan” Gently wrapped around herself, head tucked under a wing, Swan rests quietly for awhile.


“Morning Song” Inspired by an island friend of the artist’s who lost their lifetime mate in 2006 Leo created this powerful, heart warming sculpture of two eagles caring for one another in a display of unconditional love.

“Morning Song”

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Early showings of Osborne’s paintings were seen around Cape Cod, where he spent many summers working and surfing. In 1990 he moved to the Pacific Northwest and furthered his interest in Bronze sculpture and has since produced many works. He is found often at the foundry overseeing new pieces and working with his favorite painter and friend Tim Norman.

In 2002, Leo and his wife, Jane moved to Guemes Island in the Sun Juan Islands of Washington State. Captivated by the love and joyful spirit of the island, they have together co-created “Milkwood Studio and Home Gallery.” This cottage by the sea is now referred to as a “living museum.” The studio, sculpture gardens, home and guest cottage are fused together as one entity.


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