Feather Paintings by Debra Otterstein

Quail Feather Painting by Debra Otterstein

Debra Otterstein lives in Eastern Oregon and is a contributor to the artists' colonies in the area. Debra discovered long ago that wildlife had captured her heart and found it most rewarding to make them the subject of her artwork. The distinctive art that Debra creates is a frequent crowd favorite at art shows and is owned by collector's throughout the United States.

These unique creations are painted on a supremely unforgiving medium-that of bird feather’s. Debra’s work is recognizable by the depth and intricate detail of the images. Unlike many paintings, which are best viewed from a distance, these intricate pieces are best viewed up close and personal. This is a very difficult effect for an artist to achieve as many errors are magnified.

Recently Debra has begun painting on a more traditional flat surface and as always the fine detail is present.

Debra OttersteinMichael, Debra's husband finally handcrafts the shadow boxes that protect and enhance the art that they contain. This combination of wildlife studies on a natural material setting in the wood frames captivates people who value nature and appreciate artistic skill. Awards..

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Paintings on artists masonite

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Recent Awards Art at The Cross-2002 Peoples Choice-Acrylic on Feather-Golden Eagle.

Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts 2002 Non-Professional Class Honorable Mention-Acrylic on Feather-Wolf.

The Critter Show-2002 People Choice-Acrylic on Feather-Cougar.

Art at The Crossroads-2001 People Choice-Acrylic on Feather-Lynx


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