Flower Photography by J. Scott Peck

"Double Stargazers" -photography by J. Scott Peck

J. Scott Peck has a background in the sciences, engineering, and fine woodworking. In transitioning to photography, he has brought aspects of each of these disciplines together in his stunning large format images. Peck achieves his unique effects using projection, distortion, and manipulations of light with prisms, mirrors, and lenses, along with ice, gels, and crystals. Peck has specialized in floral photography and has gained wide recognition for his works.

The close up below is a crop from the 'Double Stargazers' image. This close up only approximates the ultra-fine detail found in his prints, which remain sharp even when enlarged to 60" on glossy.Stargazer Close-Up


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Foggy CrocusLuna Moth
Midnight DaffodilWhite ColumbineCelestial Mum
Nautilus ShellDreaming Lily
"Pat's Iris""Double Iris" by J. Scott Peck"Double Stargazers" by J. Scott Peck
"Foggy Lilly""Dianne's Rose"



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