Bronze Sculpture & Rock Paintings
by Kristi Usher

Bronze Sculpture Art by Kristi Usher

Kristi was born and raised in northwest Oregon, where from the very start she possessed an intense love and admiration for horses.

Her artistic abilities, which she believes is God given, became evident, also, at a very early age and she spent a great amount of her time drawing, especially horses.

She received no formal art instruction, being educated from intent observation of life around her and translating what she saw into works of art.

Kristi UsherHer love of horses and many years of ranching led her to sculpting western themes with inspirations come from her life experiences, from her children, her pets, or merely an idea that came to her in the middle of the night. Her hope is that when her bronzes are viewed by cowboys, ranchers or anyone who appreciates western art, their hearts will be moved and they’ll feel the experience of that moment frozen in time. Her passion for art and the for the west has given her a vision she wants to spend the rest of her life sharing with the world. more...

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"The Orphan"

It's calving season and checking the cows each day for impending births is an important job of the cowboy. Sometimes there's birthing trouble, and once in a while it goes bad. The cow had just given birth, but it was too much for her. The calf was in desperate need of milk and warmth as he lay next to his lifeless mother. The seasoned cowboy knew just what to do. It wasn't the first time an orphan calf had settled into the cozy warmth of his kitchen with bottle feedings of warm milk from the wood stovetop.

Edition of 21 16.5” H x 15” W x 7.5” D

The Orphan

"Bossa Somebody"

She's only three or four And definitely not the boss of anyone Being in a hurry to grow up As most children are She dons her Mom's hat and chaps And begins instructing her puppy how to behave She feels quite grown up Surely the "bossa somebody" now .

Edition of 21 13” H x 11” W x 9.5” D

Bossa Somebody

“Diggin” Deep”

In a great cloud of dust a top cowboy and his equally skilled bronc buck and ride with all they’ve got! 22” x 18 ½” x 9 ½”

"Diggin Deep" Bronze Sculpture by Kristi Usher

“A Trail Less Traveled”

‘Twas back in days of old, you see, when Autumn made it’s sigh
A man would pack his horse and mule and ride up where Eagles fly.
‘Twas needful in those days of old to feed his family full,
To find an elk of hefty size and best if it’s a bull.
A rugged man he had to be with stamina quite long,
His strength and skill honed sharp and true, prepared for what goes wrong.
He might be gone for days and days, in cold chilled to the bone.
Each night there’s dreams of his soft bed, urging on this man alone.
If all goes well, he gets his bull and he’ll head home unraveled.
Yes, ‘twas back in days of old, you see; now it’s "a trail less traveled".

A Trail Less Traveled Bronze Sculpture

“Rising Son”

"From the proud blood of his sire, the Arabian colt
is as graceful as a gentle breeze and as glorious as a "rising son".

Rising Son Bronze Sculpture

“Daddy’s Boots”

He’s been watching his Dad and wants to be just
like him; he’s ready to be his right hand man and
help round up the stock, ride the colts and help
with the branding. And he knows although all
the gear is still a bit too large, he’s just the man
to fill “daddy’s boots”.....

Daddy’s Boots Bronze Sculpture

“Double Trouble”

Little boys and puppies, they seem to be cut from
the same cloth. With a pure love of adventure and a daredevil
gleam in their eyes, they hold no fear of jumping, tumbling,
racing the wind, catching bugs, challenging snakes, quite at
home in glorious dirt. Little boys and puppies, they bring you joy,
make you proud, always loyal, smother you with kisses,
catch your heart and they show you just how wonderful life really is.

Double Trouble Bronze Sculpture


"Proud and beautiful, the Arabian moves and
appears as royalty. The wind bows to him, the sun
embraces him and the land beholds his "majesty".

Majesty Arabian Horse Bust


Patina variation

Majesty Arabian Horse Bust

Paintings on Brazilian Agate

Bear Rock Art

Buffalo Rock Painting Art Border Collie Rock Art Painting
  Labrador Dog Rock Painting Art  

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She spent twenty plus years working an eighty-acre horse and cattle ranch, raising Quarter Horses and Paints, standing stallions and keeping several mares producing colt crops each year. Her many years spent with horses, whether pleasure riding, working cattle, being involved with rodeos and ropings, doctoring, showing, delivering colts or simply grooming has given her a genuine feel for her favorite subject.

During this time on the ranch, she continued to draw and took up painting. She did commissioned works when time allowed but felt a strong desire to create in the three dimensional. Kristi was attracted to sculpture since high school, but due to the time spent raising a family on the ranch for so many years, she suppressed the urge to sculpt until 1998. It was then she explored working with clay and found this media the most satisfying. Being very detail-orientated, Kristi was able to incorporate all the realism she envisioned into her sculptures. Her first bronze, “Straywatch”, was cast in the spring of 1998. It’s of a cowboy sitting on his horse, hipshod, the wind blowing saddle strings, mane, tail, reins and grass with his dog sitting on the ground.

She prefers working with certain foundries in eastern Oregon. Superb quality of workmanship, the accommodating attitude and the friendly staff at the foundries were just a few of the reasons for making this choice where Kristi will trust her works into the hands of others. She spends countless hours there with the staff to ensure that each casting meets her satisfaction.

When undertaking a new sculpture, Kristi does extensive research if there is an area she’s not familiar with. It’s crucial to her that her work is not only pleasing to look at, but correct also. She meticulously sculpts her bronzes with exceptional detail, realism, authenticity and her entire heart.

Many editions later, Kristi has developed a consistent style that’s easily recognized. The details that are so important to her get noticed, especially by the cowboys that have been up close and personal with the moments she captures in bronze.

They comment on the position of the horse, and the shifting of the cowboy’s body when his horse is hipshod. They notice the horse’s ears cocked back, listening to his rider slapping his lariat against his chaps as he’s driving cattle, or the concentration on the young boy’s face as he tries to bit up his pony. They’ve felt, and recognized, the hump in the back of a green colt as he’s being mounted for the first time. Kristi includes the tiniest details, even if they can’t be seen. The shoes and nails on the feet of the horses, even the frog of the hoof, which can’t be seen, but can be felt. These things are the soul of her work, the reflections of her childhood, the life that she’s lived and the visions that will always remain in her heart.

Her hope is that when her bronzes are viewed by cowboys, ranchers or anyone who appreciates western art, their hearts will be moved and they’ll feel the experience of that moment frozen in time. Her passion for art and the for the west has given her a vision she wants to spend the rest of her life sharing with the world.


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