"Baby Steps" by Austin Barton

Throughout time, man has sought to create in three dimensions.
Bronze, the metal that launched an age, still represents the best
in classic and enduring sculpture-

The Artists:

Only David Crawford could and would come up with these marvelous, whimsical sculptures, he is truly a “One of a Kind”! Imagine the conversation this one stirs up. Created and cast by the artist himself, very limited edition of only 9 castings with four sold to date.

"Gypsy Caravan Horse" by David Crawford

Robert Deurloo – Exquisite Bronze sculpture finished in exotic polished stone patinas. A self taught artist, his style blooms from within, rather than forged by external teachings.

Bronze Sculpture by Robert Deurloo

Dale Dotson's first bronze was cast in the fall of 1992. His intent is to create action as well as anatomical accuracy in his work. Whilst his first love is North American big game animals, his current interest is in African wildlife. He works primarily from life drawings, video tapes and whenever possible mounted specimens. His immediate goal is to visit Africa as soon as possible and do a great deal of first person research. Dale lives right here in Joseph, Oregon.

Bronze Sculpture "Haven Bound" by Dale Dotson

Doug Eck is considered by many wildlife art enthusiasts as one of the best sculptors in the country. This talented new comer has an eye for detail and his powerful compositions are capturing the attention of classic wildlife art lovers nationwide. In his first four years, Doug has won a national title and has been commissioned to create monumental public work. Doug loves to sculpt and prefers to keep his editions affordable, making his work more attractive to the collector.

Bronze Sculpture Artist: Doug Eck

Linda Stewart was born in 1950 and grew up riding horses. Her artistic talents became evident at a very early age. She has been sculpting since 1980 and is well known for the subject matter she chooses, cowboys, horses and dogs in typical ranch settings. In the summer of 1999, The Calgary Stampede commissioned Linda to create a sculpture that now stands at the front entry way to the new Roundup Center.

Bronze Sculpture Artist: Linda Stewart

Joren Traveller's art expresses the character and personality she sees in each individual creature and makes them come alive to the observer.

 Bronze Sculpture by Joren Traveller

Kristi Usher was born and raised in northwest Oregon, where from the very start she possessed an intense love and admiration for horses. Her artistic abilities, which she believes is God given, became evident, also, at a very early age and she spent a great amount of her time drawing, especially horses. She received no formal art instruction, being educated from intent observation of life around her and translating what she saw into works of art.

Bronze Sculpture Artist: Kristi Usher

Leo Osborne can claim many honors for his art, among them numerous Awards Of Excellence from the Society Of Animal Artists and the National Sculpture Society. Leo has the rare ability to transform quiet moments in a wild world (nature) to a wonderfully unique, portrait in bronze. He’s known nationally for his marvelous, original, wood sculpture burls as well as his everlasting editions in bronze.

Bronze Sculpture Artist: Leo Osborne

Marty Goldstein at the age of 62 retired from the stressful corporate world. After taking numerous sculpting classes, he found himself eager to create a series of whimsical bronze "Harvey Dogs", which he enjoys sharing with anyone who loves animals or who simply delights in beginning each day with a smile or a chuckle.

Bronze Sculpture Artist: Marty Goldstein

Michael Holmes makes his home in the Columbia Basin of Eastern Washington. He graduated in 1978 with a Master’s Degree in Fine Art from Central Washington University. A Royal City high school art teacher, Michael creates his sculptures in an area of Washington quite conducive to his primary interest in wild birds. His home town of Moses Lake is located centrally in the Pacific Flyaway and allows him year round opportunity for field trips and study.

Bronze Sculpture Artist: Michael Holmes

Danaë Bennett-Miller uses the medium of lost wax casting to conjure life and motion out of once fluid flows. Like watching lava give birth to land, her pieces create their own virtual space, and ask us to ponder our world through a different pair of eyes. Some public in scale, some intimate, form and substance give way to emotion, movement and animal consciousness. Witness one of her works in person and experience a link to the world beyond normal human experience.

Danae Miller Bronze Sculpture

Kelly's Gallery Exclusives by Local Artisans. These fun and lovely, smaller size sculptures are a perfect way to begin your collection in bronze and/or make wonderful gift at a very affordable cost. Currently all shown are readily available.

Bronze Sculpture Artist: Joseph Affiliates

Wayne Hyde has been drawing, painting, sculpting and creating from early childhood. He grew up an outdoorsman in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Mountains and has explored the deserts, mountains and forests of the United States and Canada. Not surprisingly, wildlife became the first subject of his artistic expressions.

Bronze Sculpture Artist: Wayne Hyde

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