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"Fall Color in the Lostine Canyou by Leslie LeViner



Debra Otterstein lives in Eastern Oregon and is a contributor to the artists’ colonies in the area. Debra discovered long ago that wildlife had captured her heart and found it most rewarding to make them the subject of her artwork. The distinctive art that Debra creates is a frequent crowd favorite at art shows and is owned by collector’s throughout the United States.

Bonnie Griffith's work is representational of the west.  It is about COLOR!  "I focus on landscape and work almost exclusively in dry “chalk” pastel.  I tend to “push” color, to illustrate a lot of texture and hopefully, for the viewer, give them work that they can enter into and expose their senses to.  I want the viewer to be able to “walk into” that painting, feel the warmth of the sun on a fall day, the cold of the snow on an early morning as the sun rises, smell the grasses and grains, feel the humidity of the hot day along a stream; enter that painting and get lost in it, even for a minute...

Jim Horsley. My journey in oil painting over the past few years has been full of study, training, and practice. I thoroughly enjoy creating value and meaning for others, preferring a representational approach to my work with a focus on people in the context of life, work, and play.



Mary Edwards is a local photographer whose love of photography began at an early age. Her fascination with light and its fleeting nature often has her up and out the door well before sunrise in pursuit of those ephemeral moments.

Mary Edwards Photography

J. Scott Peck achieves his unique effects using projection, distortion, and manipulations of light with prisms, mirrors, and lenses, along with ice, gels, and crystals. He specializes in floral photography and has gained wide recognition for his works. The stunning beauty and incredible detail has to be witnessed first hand to really appreciate his work.


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